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1. Recorder lessons (from 4 up to adults)
Recorder for preschoolers starting from the age of 4 is a method I specially made for them. By using colors and animal names the child learns playfully to read notes and rhythms. The child learns many songs and it will draw notes etc. We sing a lot and the rhythms are danced. Each lesson has a form for the parents. They should help the child at home, because the child cannot read yet. This method is written in Dutch, so not very useful for children of expats I guess. They better can start from the age of 6 with a normal method. In consultation with me you can buy a recorder.
2. Flute lessons (from 6 up to adults)
From the age of 6 a child normally can start playing the flute. Because of the length of the child we first use a bended head joint. Later on when the child is bigger we exchange the head joint for a normal one so the child easy can hold the whole flute. For this age I also use a special method with simple songs. The child learns notes and rhythms from the beginning. Again parents have to help the child at home. Spending 10 minutes of your time every day by coaching the child will be enough. You do not need to read notes yourself, but it is an easy way learning more about music together with your child! In consultation with me you can buy a flute.
3. Piano lessons beginner (from 6 years old)
I use the normal piano methods such as Thompson. It is necessary to have a(n electric) piano at home to practice.
4. Rehearse vocal (choir) parts ( for adults)
Do you have troubles with studying vocal parts because you cannot for instance read notes? In this case I can help you, also when you cannot hold pitch.
5. Instrument + piano – duo coaching (from 12 up to adults)
Because of my own experience I can coach several players. Besides recorder or flute in combination with piano or harpsichord or as a duo any combination is possible, like for instance violin – piano or vocals – piano.
6. Ensemble coaching (from quartet up to bigger ensembles)
Does your ensemble need a coach? I have a lot of experience in coaching several wind- or string-ensembles. I can come to your rehearsal space if you like.
7. Solfège lessons (from 12 years)
Are you curious about musical theory or do you want to prepare for the entrance examination at the Conservatory? I can teach you all, like singing blade, take intervals, rhythmic dictation, chords etc. In any case, you will study much easier and understand music much better.

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